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The US may attract more international students than any other destination; however it also comes with one of the largest price tags. On average, students will fork out $28,000 per year on tuition alone, that’s before you even consider accommodation, food, books etc. Therefore don’t expect to see much change out of $150,000 for a 4 year US Degree!

To combat these high fees, students have often used Community Colleges to transfer to US Colleges & Universities. The strategy is simple, complete a 2 year Associate Degree at Community College and transfer to the college / university of your choice to complete the final 2 years and realise your degree.

On paper this sounds great, however the fundamental problem is that students are required to re-apply in order to gain 3rd year entry – therefore no guarantee of where (or if) they will complete their degree. For international students, the uncertainty attached to this study option has been extremely off putting; therefore it is not as popular as perhaps it could be.

Seattle Community College (SCC) is now seeking to change all of that by introducing an absolute game changer (in my opinion) by offering “transfer admission guarantees”. What this means is that when students apply and are offered a place at SCC, they will also receive a conditional offer to enter 3rd year at one of the following US Universities & Colleges:

California State University Northridge

Eastern Washington University

Indiana University

Johns Hopkins University, Carey Business School

Montana State University

San Francisco State University

Seattle University

State University of New York at Oneonta

University of Oregon

University of Washington

Washington State University

The only condition associated with this transfer is that students must complete the Associate Degree at SCC with the required transfer GPA. The GPA requirements range from a 2.0 for transfer to the lower ranked options, to 3.6 for John Hopkins University, one of the world’s top 20 Universities

So, I hear you ask; “How does the SCC option compare financially to the average cost of a 4 year University Degree?” Well, SCC quotes on their website total fees of $24,000 per annum vs. $43,000 for the average all inclusive cost of study at a US University / College. Therefore the total saving across your first 2 years of study will be in the region of $40,000! Meaning you can buy one of these.

From what I can see, the SCC transfer guarantee is entirely unique, however I cannot imagine it will be for long as other Community Colleges and Universities see its popularity. Especially as the drive for both diversity and full fee paying students rapidly increases at US institutions.






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