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You have likely heard the term “design by committee”; well in education it’s an institution.

I recall watching in horror. Ideas subjected to a thousand paper cuts from internal guidelines, industry compliance, and a need to be all things to all people. You send out a devil-may-care supercharged hot-rod and it comes back a beige electric smart car with a range of 40 miles.

In Education the committee approach is what everyone is used to, largely because it protects those involved from key decision making responsibility while allowing everyone to have their say. Admittedly in the case of industry compliance it does take a few eyes to make sure things are all in order.

But when you think about great art, invention and innovation, much of it can be attributed to the strong vision of one or two individuals. Art is about personality, and it’s through an artist’s unique quirks and idiosyncrasies that artistic works can have a life of their own. If you can find a team to follow your vision closely, you may produce something truly memorable.

I promise you we are still talking about marketing.

The way I see it, every now and then the artistic process and marketing process can be the same thing. Whether it is a memorable advert, a surprising guerrilla campaign or an iconic public installation, marketing can be inspired. And this is why sometimes there’s value in allowing talented people the time, space and freedom to execute a project or idea from start to finish.

Sure it may not always go to plan, and may initially come across reckless, but if you want to make something great you may need to back someone with a bold vision.

Or better yet, back yourself in.



What if I said there was no such thing as a USP? At first you may instinctively list off 5 or so things about your organisation, product or service you’ve determined to be unique in your market– but whatever those things are, think again; are they really one of a kind?

So ok, let’s say technically they are. Now are they relevant enough to sway a customer? Do these bullet points stand out as unique and put you head and shoulders above your competitors?

Education sales and marketing staff often tangle themselves up trying to find a USP when attempting to create their value proposition. When from the student’s perspective, apart from a few bells and whistles, the majority of your offering will look the same when listed beside the offering of your competitors.

To the customer they are not unique selling points, they’re just plain old selling points.

But don’t give up on uniqueness. Just because you can’t present a USP that truly matters it doesn’t mean you can’t present and promote what you do have in a unique and compelling way.

So assuming you have a quality product or service with quality selling points. Maybe it’s time to stop trying to figure out if you have “more recycling bins than any other campus!!” and start thinking about how you can uniquely differentiate the communication method of your value proposition.

With today’s technology and the ease of communication there are so many opportunities to deliver your message to customers in an innovative way. Innovation is a language, so when delivering your plain old selling points be as grandiloquent  as you can.

With the right approach you may just stand out from the crowd – or stand on a recycling bin, you’ve got enough of them.